Have I found my passion?

A follow up.

In 2018 I was a recent college graduate, working as a nanny full time spending ample amount of time searching for a job to ‘get my life on track’. It’s 2 years later and I’m sure you’re all wondering (not actually) if I found my passion yet. If you’re confused refer back to my original post on passion.

The truth is…I still haven’t found it. Can anyone else relate?

At 23 I found an entry level job at a non-profit with job objectives that fit my organized, adaptable work characteristics. Is it my ideal job – absolutely not. BUT I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to grow within the organization, taking on more responsibility and experience that will hopefully set me apart from other candidates when I choose to move one step closer to my dream job.

Do I know what my dream job is yet? No. But hopefully I’m getting there. Now my life hurdle is to determine when the best time to start over at a new job. There’s always a hurdle am I right?

I guess what this post is trying to portray is that finding these things takes time. 2 years ago I was panicking that my life wasn’t on the right track. Now I’m panicking a bit that my life isn’t on the right track. Maybe I will always feel like things could be better, but I’m learning that there’s a process and everyone’s process is different.

I am lucky to have career stability and with or without a pinpointed passion – I’m appreciating the process.