Clean makeup review

From a girl lacking in makeup experience.

The products I’ve bought and what I think about them as a person with fair, dry/oily depending on the day skin.

The type of makeup that I’m interested in is the kind that looks like it’s barely there. I’m the type of girl who can’t wear eyeliner, contour or shade in my eyebrows because it makes me look absolutely crazy. (I even wiped off all of the makeup a professional did on me at my sister’s wedding because the eyeliner just did not do it for me).

For years I’ve been using all and only Bare Mineral products, but this time at home has allowed me to branch out and find some clean makeup that I thought would work for my skin…and I did with Ilia.

These are the products I bought and loved:

Ilia True Skin Serum Concealer (Chicory & Lotus)

These two tones work best with my skin. The chicory for under my eyes and lotus for under my cheek bone and forehead shading. Both are very simple, light and dewy on my skin.

Limitless Lash Mascara

This mascara is not going to make your eyelashes look full. The look of it is very subtle and modest (I don’t love the look of too much mascara so this is perfect).

True Skin Serum Foundation (Tavarua)

This foundation was a perfect match for my skin in combination with the concealer. The foundation does not have a strong smell, is light on the skin and also has a dewy look. I normally struggle with redness on my cheeks and this foundation covers it no problem. Highly recommend!

Liquid Light (Nova)

I am a huge fan of liquid highlight and this product is magical. I use it on my cheeks at the end of my makeup routine. I don’t normally do anything with my eyes besides mascara, but a little bit of this highlight on my eyelids brightens my eyes.

Color Haze (Before Today)

The color haze product brings a subtle color to your cheeks. You can blend this product to easily be light or you can make the color more apparent if you like a stronger blush.

The Ilia products have been a spontaneous surprise. Each product is light, not super expensive compared to other brands and has been good to my overly sensitive skin. I WILL be buying more products from them as they come out. The prices are fair and I feel good knowing that the products I’m using are clean and good for me.



Have I found my passion?

A follow up.

In 2018 I was a recent college graduate, working as a nanny full time spending ample amount of time searching for a job to ‘get my life on track’. It’s 2 years later and I’m sure you’re all wondering (not actually) if I found my passion yet. If you’re confused refer back to my original post on passion.

The truth is…I still haven’t found it. Can anyone else relate?

At 23 I found an entry level job at a non-profit with job objectives that fit my organized, adaptable work characteristics. Is it my ideal job – absolutely not. BUT I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to grow within the organization, taking on more responsibility and experience that will hopefully set me apart from other candidates when I choose to move one step closer to my dream job.

Do I know what my dream job is yet? No. But hopefully I’m getting there. Now my life hurdle is to determine when the best time to start over at a new job. There’s always a hurdle am I right?

I guess what this post is trying to portray is that finding these things takes time. 2 years ago I was panicking that my life wasn’t on the right track. Now I’m panicking a bit that my life isn’t on the right track. Maybe I will always feel like things could be better, but I’m learning that there’s a process and everyone’s process is different.

I am lucky to have career stability and with or without a pinpointed passion – I’m appreciating the process.


Staying productive at home

A list of things to do to feel productive at home.

(because we all have the time)

Learn a New Language

There are plenty of sites that offer online courses. Take the opportunity to branch out and learn a new language, take a course on marketing, learn the ins and outs of the stock market. Dedicate a time block a day to put towards bettering yourself with newfound knowledge.

Join a Book Club

The internet is a wonderful thing offering local and non-local options for socializing. Reach out to people on your local Facebook page or join a group like Barnes and Noble book club if you want to branch out.

Meditate Every Day

Phone apps like Calm, Elivate and Lumosity offer free courses on meditation. Use these to learn the beginners tips on how to meditate correctly starting with your breathing.

Donate Old Clothes

There are now options that eliminate the need to leave your home. Order a ThredUp bag and donate all your clothes without leaving the comfort of your home (also good to make some extra money).

Bake a Cake

Baking can be extremely therapeutic. Work on recipes with ingredients you have lying around the house to eliminate the dreaded trip to the grocery store.

Start Gardening or Planting Inside

Growing your own herbs is a great start and option to do inside. Follow tips for the best environment for inside gardening success.

Create a Routine

Using a calendar start planning your days by creating time blocks and tasks. Check off things that you have gotten to each day. If it feels overwhelming start with a morning routine and add to it once you adjust.

Write Letters to Loved Ones

Writing letters is pretty self explanatory. Writing can be very therapeutic for the sender and receiver. Some people need a little extra love which can be done this way from a safe distance.


Activities for the kids [& you]

Finding activities to keep the kids busy is not always easy…it rarely is.

As a nanny I find it important to find activities that keep the kids stimulated and active no matter the weather. Planning activities and outings all of the kids enjoy makes the day more pleasant and memorable. It allows the kids to be creative, spontaneous and to learn what they’re interested in on their own terms.

Here are some activities that keep the kids entertained and add a little spontaneity to every day plans:


 Painting Image

Experiment with paint colors, adding water/glitter to the mix, using different surfaces as a canvas. Yes, painting is messy. That’s part of the fun. Plan ahead with an area and clothes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty!

Build a fort

Use a closet or closed off area for the kids to create a secret club. Hang a string from one end of the room to the other and drape blankets, capes or old sheets on it. This makes the ‘fort’ a private area, but allows room to play, add books or toys, pillows to lay down, etc. Add string lights and turn the lights off for a little extra fun!

Movie Marathon

Definitely a rainy day activity. Pick a few movies that interest each kid. I always find it difficult to watch one movie without one kid being upset with the movie choice. This is a major treat to have this much screen time, but great for a crumby day. Add some popcorn and slush to make the experience more enjoyable.

Spa Day

Create your own, easy to make face mask. Use honey and oats, avocado or banana as simple ingredients. Cut up cucumbers for eye masks and soak the kids nails in water before pampering them with a manicure or pedicure.

Cooking Challenge

Recreate your own cooking challenge. Be the judge and provide 5 ingredients out on the kitchen counter. Each child needs to create their own plate/dish using any of the ingredients provided. Judge them on taste and appearance. Depending on age possibly let them use the microwave. Examples of ingredients I use are apples, peanuts, chocolate, crackers, etc.

What’s in the Bag?

This game could keep the kids busy for hours. Take a bag that can be closed and put an object in it. Allow the kids to stick their hands in and attempt to guess what the object is. Whoever guesses their object correct gets to keep it. Occasionally put in treats for a fun twist on the game!


Give the kids 15 minutes to create their own choreography, either in teams or solo. When they’re ready let them pick their song of choice and let them go crazy!

Farm/Petting Zoo


Connors Farm is an all around fun experience for the kids. Depending on the season they offer fruit picking, hay rides, obstacle courses, etc. The have a cool tree house/fort area with an industrial sized slide! Most farms have these types of activities and allow the kids to interact with some of the farm animals. Buy a cone full of animal food and let the kids feed them.

Splash Pad

Check out your local splash pad. Beverly, MA has a beautiful park with a splash pad and playground. When the weather is warm, the town turns the splash pad on during park hours.


Salem Willows in Salem, MA is the perfect place to bring the kids. This outing usually is not a long one. The kids each get $3-$5 to spend on arcade games, but get to pick out prizes after winning tickets. They offer food options and rides for the kids too!


With a large group of kids, draw a big circle for each kid in the driveway. Let them release their creativity on their own and fill the circle with whatever drawings they want. Add water to the chalk to make it more paint like and vibrant.

Bike Ride

Let the kids ride their bike, making a different kid the ‘line’ leader as the ride goes on. One kid chooses which direction to go then they switch off, bringing you to new areas and making the bike ride a little spontaneous and different each time. Stop at a random destination for a picnic!


A beach day is pretty self-explanatory. Bring treats and toys to keep the kids occupied. Collect rocks and shells from the beach to bring home and paint later in the day!


Most libraries have a kids club which opens up the possibility to playing with news toys and meeting other kids. Let the kids pick out as many books as they want and read a few while there. A lot of libraries offer museum/park admission tickets. Always stay in the loop and check your local library before spending full price on an outing.



Check out your local/nearest museums. Based on the location, plan a morning or day trip to a kid friendly destination. The Peabody Essex Museum does not always have a lot of kid friendly exhibits, but it does have a kids craft section and occasional kids classes in the lobby. Keep an eye on its continuously changing exhibits for the best time to bring the kids.

A few other special outing ideas that are self-explanatory are trampoline parks, indoor parks, amusement parks, farmers markets, local pools and splash pad.