Staying productive at home

A list of things to do to feel productive at home.

(because we all have the time)

Learn a New Language

There are plenty of sites that offer online courses. Take the opportunity to branch out and learn a new language, take a course on marketing, learn the ins and outs of the stock market. Dedicate a time block a day to put towards bettering yourself with newfound knowledge.

Join a Book Club

The internet is a wonderful thing offering local and non-local options for socializing. Reach out to people on your local Facebook page or join a group like Barnes and Noble book club if you want to branch out.

Meditate Every Day

Phone apps like Calm, Elivate and Lumosity offer free courses on meditation. Use these to learn the beginners tips on how to meditate correctly starting with your breathing.

Donate Old Clothes

There are now options that eliminate the need to leave your home. Order a ThredUp bag and donate all your clothes without leaving the comfort of your home (also good to make some extra money).

Bake a Cake

Baking can be extremely therapeutic. Work on recipes with ingredients you have lying around the house to eliminate the dreaded trip to the grocery store.

Start Gardening or Planting Inside

Growing your own herbs is a great start and option to do inside. Follow tips for the best environment for inside gardening success.

Create a Routine

Using a calendar start planning your days by creating time blocks and tasks. Check off things that you have gotten to each day. If it feels overwhelming start with a morning routine and add to it once you adjust.

Write Letters to Loved Ones

Writing letters is pretty self explanatory. Writing can be very therapeutic for the sender and receiver. Some people need a little extra love which can be done this way from a safe distance.

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